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Unforgettable Moments in Music

Classic Performances by Corporate Travel is the premier travel option specializing in creating unforgettable moments for choirs, bands, and orchestras around the world. We are masters at curating experiences that combine the joy of travel with the passion for music. From the finest performance tours, concerts, adjudications, and clinic workshops, CTS will customize each and every detail to fulfill your unique performance needs.

Beyond the Stage

Group Travel Experiences to Carnegie Hall in New York

Imagine yourself performing in awe-inspiring concert halls, the very same venues that have echoed with the melodies of legendary performers throughout history. From the iconic Carnegie Hall in New York to the breathtaking Sydney Opera House, we have the expertise to secure prestigious venues that will elevate your performances to new heights.

Group Travel Experiences to Sydney Opera House in Australia
European Classical Performance Group Tours and Experiences

Beyond the stage, we ensure that your musical journey is enriched by exploring the cultural treasures of each destination. Explore the historic streets of Europe, savor the vibrant culture of Australia, or experience the wonders of North America.

Classical Performance Group Tours Worldwide
Worldwide Group Travel for Choirs, Bands, and Orchestras

We craft itineraries that strike a harmonious balance between musical engagements and immersive cultural experiences, creating memories that will resonate with you and your fellow musicians for a lifetime.

Immersive Cultural Experiences through Group Travel
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